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The Queer Museum was born to promote the creativity and boldness of sexual dissident artists from around the world. Here, we cherish freedom, art, differences, activism, and generosity, which is why we want to share our collection of LGBTQ+ art with the world.

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We are the first Chilean museum of LGBTQI+ art and culture, as well as the first online platform exclusively dedicated to showcasing and promoting LGBTQ+ artists from around the world. Together with our partners, we have a collection of over 5,000 analog and digital pieces featuring artists from Chile, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, the United States, Angola, Mozambique, and ten other countries in a collection that grows every day.

We want to help share the profound and daring work that artists of dissident sexualities are doing around the world. We want the lack of exhibition spaces to no longer be an impediment to creative development and become a place where artists and the public can come together.

We are partnered with the Diversa Institute in Brazil and the “Museu Lusófono da Diversidade Sexual” that brings together more than 10 countries. In this way, we want to create bridges with other institutions to share our collections, unite efforts, and create strategies for queer cultural development.

(Male nude in the bathroom by Juliusz Lewandowski).

Explore LGBTQ+ art from around the world.

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We deeply believe in the power of art to change the world. As an international LGBTQ+ platform, we are committed not only to exhibiting our collection but also to supporting initiatives of aesthetic experimentation, activism, and research groups, to open up more spaces in the art world and in people’s hearts.