Alma Gershuni

Alma Gershoni, born in 1996, specializes in classical figurative painting and is a graduate of the Tahana School of Painting in Tel Aviv.

“The exciting part is the magic created between abstract spots and a sense of material and brushstrokes that convey emotion and temperament.” Alma Gershuni

Alma Gershoni, born in Tel Aviv in 1996 is an artist who focuses on classical figurative painting. Alma is a graduate of the Tahana School of Painting in Tel Aviv and showed her works in Inga Gallery, Rothschild gallery, and the Hampstead Art Society at Fitzrovia Gallery. Gershuni sees her works as a continuation of an ancient tradition, and seeks its meaning and relevance in contemporary art. Alma paints from direct observation with natural light, uses the ancient traditional techniques of oil painting on mainly on wood, and deals with classical subjects such as portraits, still life and landscape. Her artistic observation goes deep into the subject until it becomes almost abstract.

Alma showed her work in collaboration with the artist Niv Fridman in ARC 24: Art from Rebellion and Connection, the international annual exhibition hosted by The Queer Museum. The event, curated by Cheo Gonzalez, occurred at Cookhouse Gallery in London on January 18-19, 2024.

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