Grzegorz Pieniak

At night

Stories, fantasies, bars, and blackouts that only happen at night.

How much can happen in one night with friends?

Despite the erotically charged environments, we feel a little of solitude in this world.

The exhibition “At Night” by Grzegorz Pieniak, a young Polish gay visual artist, showcases his impressive maturity in both technique and style. Despite his young age of 29 and his graduation only 5 years ago from the State Higher School of Fine Arts in Poland, Pieniak’s rapid brushwork and dark palette creates a sense of timelessness that transports us into a world of decadent and intimate nocturnal imagery.

The exhibition’s images evoke the critical vision of Otto Dix and the expressionism of German art, blurring the boundaries between friends, lovers, and scenes recreated from partying in Warsaw. Pieniak’s paintings present a bittersweet view of society that is both festive and mournful, conveying a sense of solitude that exists in a world that is seemingly eternal darkness.

Despite the erotically charged environments depicted in his paintings, the exhibition presents a powerful and thought-provoking commentary on contemporary life, relationships, and the human experience. The artist’s ability to evoke such powerful emotions through his work is a testament to his skill as a painter and his vision as an artist.

Through “At Night,” Pieniak shows that he is a rising talent in the art world, and his unique and provocative perspective.