Mihail Vuchkov

Mihail Vuchkov Mihail Vuchkov, known as Mísho, is the creator of the art exhibit ‘The Other Bulgarian Women,’ which premiered in Sofia, Bulgaria, on International Women’s Day, sparking a national controversy. The Other Bulgarian Women The artworks in the exhibition show trans women in traditional Bulgarian dress and wreathed in Bulgarian flowers as a statement […]

Jon Patrick

Jon Patrick Croskrey Jon Patrick Croskrey, b. 1991 in Washington, is an artist living and working in London. He received a BA in Photography from Brigham Young University, College of Art and Design. “My practice centers on themes of truth, constructed reality, dichotomy, access, and marketing.” Jon Patrick Croskrey, b. 1991 in Washington, is an […]

Felix Chesher

Felix Chesher Felix Chesher is a British born portrait artist best known for his provocative contemporary portraits of the male form. He has painted and worked with iconic and celebrated figures from the LGBTQ+ community, including Peter Tatchell and Sir Ian McKellen. “I have struggled with my mental health (…) This was compounded by the […]

Alma Gershuni

Alma Gershuni Alma Gershoni, born in 1996, specializes in classical figurative painting and is a graduate of the Tahana School of Painting in Tel Aviv. “The exciting part is the magic created between abstract spots and a sense of material and brushstrokes that convey emotion and temperament.” Alma Gershuni Alma Gershoni, born in Tel Aviv […]

Niv Fridman

Niv Fridman Niv Fridman, is a multidisiplinary artist from Tel Aviv, interested in queering history. “Sabotaging the historic narrative, which was shaped by the hetro sexual patriarchy point of view, is one of the key elements in my practice.” Niv Fridman Born 1996 in Tel Aviv, he is a BFA graduate from Bezalel and an […]

Max Lee

Max Lee Cantonese artist. He entered the photography department of the Royal College of Art in London. For him, photography is a powerful weapon to fight insecurity and challenge the irrational social order. He uses photography to establish connections and transposes the essence of his subjects into images, installations and performances. Tacit Tacit means understanding […]

David Jester

Davis Jester, American gay artist.

David Jester David Jester has dedicated the last four years of his career to creating vibrant images of young men, depicted in the nude and submerged in swimming pools. David Jester exhibition “Pools isolate the body from noise, movement, and even gravity.” The images within a swimming pool have their own rules of time, space, […]

Fe Maidel

Fe Maidel Trans activist, artist, and psychologist. She is a member of the Municipal Council of Policies for Women, the director of Employability, Quality, and Certification at the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Tourism in Brazil, the Municipal Secretary of Diversity, and the manager of the Trans Citizenship project. She works with public entities and […]

Neil Gilks

Neil Gilks Born and educated in England but living and loving in the city of New York. His revealing lines explore active bodies, suggest heated moments, and persistent memories. While his drawings address universal themes of longing, inadequacy, the positivity of selfishness, and carnal reward. Neil Gilks exhibitions I enjoy the mental image of intimacy […]

Doug Blanchard

Doug Blanchard gay artist

Doug Blanchard A Texan living in New York City since 1991. MA in art history from Washington University, and an MFA cum laude from the New York Academy of Art. He currently resides in Brooklyn, has his studio in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and teaches art at Bronx Community College/CUNY. Over the years, […]