David Jester

Davis Jester, American gay artist.

David Jester David Jester has dedicated the last four years of his career to creating vibrant images of young men, depicted in the nude and submerged in swimming pools. David Jester exhibition “Pools isolate the body from noise, movement, and even gravity.” The images within a swimming pool have their own rules of time, space, […]

Fabio Baroli

Fabio Baroli Baroli uses the language of painting as a support to develop his poetics, which addresses the concepts of appropriation, collage, and eroticism. His most recent works discuss regionalism and childhood imagination in the interior of Minas Gerais in Brazil. Fabio Baroli exhibitions The appropriation and reference of photographic images are part of the […]

Tomás de Castro Neves

Tomás de Castro Neves Architect and illustrator. His work focuses on the body and relationships with others. He contorts objects to give them emotion and integrates them into a context to give them meaning. Tomás de Castro Neves Exhibitions Sexuality should arise as a natural expression. Illustrator uses the naked male body as a thematic […]

Felix D’eon

Felix D’eon Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, artist Félix d’Eon has a Mexican mother and a French father. After the death of his father when he was still a child, the family moved to the Pacific Palisades area in Los Angeles. Félix showed an early aptitude for art and began drawing fellow students, boyfriends, and other […]

Fe Maidel

Fe Maidel Trans activist, artist, and psychologist. She is a member of the Municipal Council of Policies for Women, the director of Employability, Quality, and Certification at the LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Tourism in Brazil, the Municipal Secretary of Diversity, and the manager of the Trans Citizenship project. She works with public entities and […]

Cheo Gonzalez

Cheo Gonzalez Cheo Gonzalez investigates the communication between official discourse and popular response through interventions in walls and public places, making his visual work interact with anonymous interventions on street walls. Cheo Gonzalez exhibitions All communication should be a protest. Joy is the strongest form of protest; a smile is a statement against tyranny, and […]

Amora Ju

Amora Ju Trans activist, visual artist, researcher, and art educator. Her investigations and productions intersect with personal and theoretical background as practices of representation. Amora Ju exhibitions Memory and identity through art.​ His research intersects with his personal and theoretical background, as well as his practices of representation. This reveals a production that, through sensitivity, […]

Neil Gilks

Neil Gilks Born and educated in England but living and loving in the city of New York. His revealing lines explore active bodies, suggest heated moments, and persistent memories. While his drawings address universal themes of longing, inadequacy, the positivity of selfishness, and carnal reward. Neil Gilks exhibitions I enjoy the mental image of intimacy […]

Doug Blanchard

Doug Blanchard gay artist

Doug Blanchard A Texan living in New York City since 1991. MA in art history from Washington University, and an MFA cum laude from the New York Academy of Art. He currently resides in Brooklyn, has his studio in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and teaches art at Bronx Community College/CUNY. Over the years, […]

Grzegorz Pieniak

Grzegorz Pieniak, Polish gay artist.

Grzegorz Pieniak Pieniak, born in 1994, studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He is a co-founder and member of Otwarta Pracownia Eksperymentu and Galeria Kaplica, alongside artists such as Piotr Wesołowski, Agata Słowak, and Szawł Płóciennik. Grzegorz Pieniak exhibitions Grzegorz Pieniak: German Expressionism goes on a spree in Warsaw. Otto Dix […]