Juliusz Lewandowski


Bar fights, saunas, protests, and The Final Judgment: ‘Crowds’ is an exhibition that explores the power of groups and their social influence.

Crowds: The devil is in the details.

From saunas to the final battle between heaven and hell. Will we ever be able to be alone?

In the “Crowds” exhibition, we can see Lewandowski’s love for details. It’s easy to lose track of time analyzing the details of these paintings and getting lost in the possible stories of each character.

In these acrylics, sex, religion, and politics mix while portraying real, mythical, and imaginary historical processes. As we go from an orgy in a sauna to a protest, to a bar fight, to end up in the final judgment, it’s tempting to use the paintings as panels of a messy comic that offers to reveal the absolute truth of life and death if we can manage to organize it.