Max Lee

Cantonese artist. He entered the photography department of the Royal College of Art in London. For him, photography is a powerful weapon to fight insecurity and challenge the irrational social order. He uses photography to establish connections and transposes the essence of his subjects into images, installations and performances.


Tacit means understanding something without being told, or not expressing something openly. I find it to be the perfect word to summarize my life as a gay male in this heteronormative society.

Growing up, I always felt the need to hide, never truly finding a place where I belonged. This ongoing identity crisis compelled me to seek connections with the subtle nuances that unfolded in my dreams and reality. Through these connections, I could nurture a sense of attachment to my surroundings.
Photography, as a tacit language, grants me the ability to create a safe space — a space intricately woven with text, light, body, and movement. Within this realm, I can visualize these connections and transform them into bricks, gradually constructing a home where I can settle.