Tomás de Castro Neves

Architect and illustrator. His work focuses on the body and relationships with others. He contorts objects to give them emotion and integrates them into a context to give them meaning.

Tomás de Castro Neves Exhibitions

Sexuality should arise as a natural expression.

Illustrator uses the naked male body as a thematic center, avoiding sexualization.

Tomás de Castro Neves born in 1995 in Lisbon, and headed north to join the architecture program at the University of Porto. After finishing his studies, he returned to the capital already integrated into an atelier where he continues his activity. At the same time, he began to dedicate more time and investment to Art.

After years of filling sketchbooks with drawings centered on the human figure, in diverse contexts, Tomás’ line arrived on social media, via Instagram. Determined to focus on illustration, he began to publish digital drawings regularly. At the end of 2020, he returned to manual work. Paper, canvas, charcoal, acrylic, pastel are some of the materials he uses to create again.

The focus remains on the body, mostly male, with an approach that questions emotions and moves away from sexual connotations.