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With a degree in Art History, Torrent has been awarded the Junceda for Best Adult Illustration, the Young Creators award from the Fita Foundation, and the Manuel António da Mota award. They were also a finalist in the CJBooks of Korea, the Hiii Illustration, and the Compostela, and have exhibited their work in Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, and New York.

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About Dani Torrent

During confinement due to isolation and lack of human contact I began to work on the subject of intimacy, first in sexual scenes, then moving to sensuality.

Daniel Torrent Rivas was born in Barcelona in 1974. After completing his studies in Art History and pursuing courses in film direction and Fine Arts, he discovered his true vocation in illustration. He applies his knowledge of visual narrative from film and his visual background in Art History to his work.

Since 2010, Dani has been dedicated to illustration, particularly in the field of children’s and young adult literature. He specializes in creating illustrated albums, for which he is often both the author of the text and the illustrator. He enjoys exploring complex themes such as the passage of time, death, and the inherent melancholy in happiness, avoiding stereotypes and positioning his books in a space between the childlike and adult.

Over the years, he has transitioned from a polished illustration style to a more gestural, elliptical, and expressive style. He has found that dry techniques such as pencil or pastel are his ideal expressive vehicles. He has won several awards, including the Junceda Award for Best Adult Illustration, the Young Creators Award from the Fita Foundation, the 2nd Manuel António da Mota (Portugal), and has been a finalist in the CJBooks in Korea, Hiii illustration, and the Compostela, which allowed him to publish his first album in 2011.

As a visual artist, he has exhibited in Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, and New York.

Dani also works as an educator and illustration professor at institutions such as the MNAC in Barcelona, IED, Visions Centre d’il·lustració, Llotja School, CIFO l’hospitalet, and Spazio MEC 8 (Italy). He has also conducted workshops and talks in various locations in Spain, England, Ukraine, and Colombia.

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