Daniel Torrent


An exercise born in the confinement due to isolation and lack of human contact, became this work.

Intimacy: fantasizing at lockdown.

Torrent’s eroticism is always linked to affectivity, giving a tender, emotional dimension to each piece.

Daniel Torrent, a Spanish artist and illustrator, created the series “Intimacy” during the confinement period. The isolation and lack of human contact during this time inspired Torrent to explore the subject of intimacy through his art. Initially focusing on sexual scenes, he gradually moved towards illustrating more sensual moments, resulting in a series that embodies a synthesis of opposites. His illustrations depict attraction and resistance, domination and abandonment, sensuality and aggression all at once, giving the viewer a complex and layered experience.

The series “Intimacy” is created using pencil and ink on paper, giving the artworks a raw and authentic feel. Torrent’s ability to capture the intricacies of human relationships through his art is truly remarkable, and the result is a stunning collection of illustrations that invite the viewer to explore the depths of intimacy in all its forms.

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