Felix D'eon

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, artist Félix d'Eon has a Mexican mother and a French father. After the death of his father when he was still a child, the family moved to the Pacific Palisades area in Los Angeles. Félix showed an early aptitude for art and began drawing fellow students, boyfriends, and other members of his swim team while in high school.

Felix d'Eon exhibitions

When painting images of queer love, seduction, sex, and romance, I strip the gay theme of its taboo nature.

Through my work, I seek to normalize the marginal, and bring into focus topics that are now taboo.

At 15 years old, his mother enrolled him in figure drawing courses at a local community college, but shortly after, Félix and his brother ran away from home and spent nearly a year living on a beach in Mexico and then working as street portrait artists and, on occasion, “kept boys” in Mexico City. Upon returning to Pacific Palisades and graduating high school, Félix moved to San Francisco, where he graduated with honors from the Academy of Art University.

“Felix has spent time since college in various cities around the world, such as New Orleans (where the brothers worked as strippers at The Corner Pocket), New York (a job as an erotic cake decorator), Milan, Italy (a kept boy), Tennessee (a gentleman farmer), and Buenos Aires (a man of leisure). His permanent home is in Mexico City, where he lives with two lesbian roommates, a charming servant, a former boyfriend, occasional lovers, and two cats.”