Felix D'eon

Printed loves

“When painting images of queer love, seduction, sex, and romance, the gay theme is stripped of its taboo nature”.

Through my work, I seek to normalize the marginal, and bring into focus topics that are now taboo.

The illustrative imagery of the past remains healthy through the inclusion of sex and homosexual sensibilities.

I paint images of Latinx, white, and Native American individuals as part of my own heritage. However, my work also caters to the broader queer community and I often paint queer identities, genders, and expressions that do not belong to me. I strive to focus on a variety of body types and ages and ultimately seek to capture and represent the beauty and diversity of the queer community. To achieve this, I seek out models from the different communities that I represent, listen to their ideas, and find out how they would like to be represented. I also ask for permission to tell their stories and paint their fantasies. As such, my work is a collaborative effort.

I am fascinated by various styles from art history, such as vintage children’s book illustration, Golden Age comics, and Japanese printmaking. In my work, I aim to complete the illusion of antiquity by using vintage papers and conducting thorough research on clothing, settings, and style. My goal is perfect verisimilitude. I treat vintage illustrative styles as a rhetorical strategy, using their language of romance, economic power, and aesthetic sensibility as a tool to tell the stories of historically oppressed and marginalized queer communities.