Gê Orthof

Petrópolis, 1959. Post-Doc, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University, Boston 2001; PhD 1992 and Master's 1985 in Visual Arts, Columbia University. Artist and professor at the Department of Visual Arts at the Institute of Arts of UnB (undergraduate and graduate), where he is co-responsible for the research group "Moradas do Íntimo". Practice areas: installation, intervention, performance, and design.

Gê Orthof exhibitions

"When a country wastes a starry night, what is left for us? Before, words sprouted like dew."

(Excerpt from the poem “No poem springs from a wasteland”, by Gê Orthof)

Born at 11:30 pm in the cold and foggy mountains, where his grandmother Gertrud taught him to speak in silence. But before that, he was born in 1836 in Denmark through the hands of Hans Christian Andersen. Later on, he built his first cabin with Thoreau, where he discovered polyamory when Rimbaud whispered in his ear, “I is another.”

Currently, he is a professor at the Department of Visual Arts at the Institute of Arts of the University of Brasilia. He works with installation, performance, video, and drawing. Among his most recent solo exhibitions are “San Giovanni Battista” (photoperformance – 2020); “Pasaquoyanism: The first card,” The John Michael Kohler Arts Center, curated by Jonathan Frederick Walz and Karen Petterson (Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA, 2017); “HA-gaz-AH” Gallery Referência, Brasilia; “A pregnant cosmonaut forgets to send a crucial message [Nordic drawings]” Ava Galleria, Helsinki; “Both Worlds,” FAV/UFG Gallery, Goiânia; Museum of Modern Art, Madrid; School of the Museum of Fine Arts Gallery, Boston; MAM, ARS 117, Brussels; Torreão, Porto Alegre; Museum of Modern Art, Buenos Aires; and Paradigms Contemporary Art, Barcelona.

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