Juliusz Lewandowski

Juliusz Lewandowski is a Polish painter, former worker, queer, antifa, and self-taught. Born in 1977.

Juliusz Lewandowski exhibitions

"In an antifascist counter-protest against right-wing nationalists, they constantly yelled 'faggot' at us."

(Fragment of a conversation between George F. and Juliusz Lewandowski. Originally published in Freedomnews)

Juliusz Lewandowski, born in 1977 in Warsaw, is a self-taught painter and one of the few creators of erotic art in Poland. He made his debut as an illustrator of Lautréamont’s “Songs of Maldoror” and the works of the Marquis de Sade. An important part of his painting is autobiographical threads that become a pretext to show universal problems of human nature. Currently, his work also deals with social and moral issues. He paints, among others, about the French Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, or the Weimar Republic. He also comments in a characteristic way on the current situation in Poland. In addition to multifaceted gender scenes, he paints intimate portraits with still lifes, which often provide an interpretive key to the anecdote contained in the painting. His main inspiration is the tradition of figurative painting of the 20th century: expressionism, Neue Sachlichkeit, cubism, and Russian painting.

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