London 2024

ARC 24: Art from Rebellion and Connection

Our annual international exhibition this year will take place in London, featuring queer artists from the UK, Malta, Cyprus, Korea, Italy, USA, Brazil, Chile, Poland, France, China, Israel, Thailand, Bulgaria, and Spain.

An overview of what queer artists are doing in 2024 around the world.

Assemble queer artists from 15 countries in London, the world’s art capital, in a quest for rebellion through connection and visibility.

Artists: Holly Jones (UK), Naiyue Zhang (China), Theo Vasiloudes (Cyprus), Minghao Wu (Korea), Xinyi Wu (China), Felix Chesher (UK), Christian Sammut (Malta), Claire Chevalier (France-Chine), Arianna Ruggiero (Italy), Jon Patrick Croskrey (USA), Anuwat Apimukmongkon (Thailand), Doug Blanchard (USA), Neil Gilks (UK), David Jester (USA), Zaida Gonzalez (Chile), Fe Maidel (Brazil), Mihail Vuchkov (Bulgaria), Max Lee (China), Niv Fridman (Israel), Daniel Torrent (Spain), Parks Sadler (UK), Bento Leite (Brazil).

Curator: The Queer Museum Team.

In January 2024, the exhibition “ARC 24: Art from Rebellion and Connection” occurred at Cookhouse Gallery in London. Organized in collaboration with the University of the Arts London, this LGBTQIAP+ exhibition featured a selection from The Queer Museum’s collection, pieces by invited artists, and works by UAL students.

The exhibition features 25 artists from 15 countries, providing an overview of what LGBTQIA+ artists from diverse global realities and cultures are currently creating. It illustrates their engagement with issues such as sex, politics, rejection, and migration, aiming to propose change through the utilization of revolution and sexual dissidence as tools.

Arc24 Exhibition

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